Frequently Asked Questions

As stated in our Whitepaper; NJOY aims to integrate cryptocurrency and the blockchain into a one of a kind adult online platform. It also plans to shock the NFT market with a new adult marketplace where adult content can be created and traded by our customers with safety and ease.

That being said, our team aims to not only create new platforms in which the blockchain and cryptocurrency are used hand in hand on a daily basis, but also wants to create partnerships with other companies in the industry to create long term value for our investors.

Our plan is one of long term growth. What this means is that as we grow and successfully release our end case uses, new avenues will open for the team to create additional revenue.

To start here is a 2% rewards in the form of redistributions , as the project grows and income starts flowing in from the platforms the team will then begin to retire coins from the market in the way of buybacks and burns. This will create a deflationary system for the coin increasing the value of the remaining pool in the market.

In the future other avenues will be explored so that we can always be bringing value to our ecosystem. As our values mention, transparency and communication will always be a priority and our responsibility to ensure a successful path for the token and our holders.

As a team we believe that cryptocurrency and the blockchain is revolutionizing not just the financial world but how companies are looking at running their business. That is why our main goal is to become a fully reporting legal corporation.

The adoption of the blockchain will be more and more prominent as time passes and we are here to situate ourselves as one of the first to take full advantage of the benefits this ecosystem provides.

The liquidity pool was originally locked for 1 month at the time of launch. It has now been re-locked for 2 years. This will continue to be re-locked as the expiration dates come in place.

Renouncing the contract is a two edge blade and there is not turning back once that is done. For some contracts that may work but for the plans of this token a contract that cannot be adjusted as everything progresses is not favorable.

We will not be renouncing the contract in the near future as that would mean that no changes can be made in the future once platforms are in place and making revenue.

No changes on the contract will happen without the knowledge of everyone involved in the project and they will only be done to benefit everyone. Our goal is to always be completely transparent and to evolve together with our holders into a successful powerhouse.

The reality is that for what we are trying to accomplish a renounced contract would only hinder us and not allow us to move forward with our goals of giving back to the holders that helped this happen.


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