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NJOY Cryptocurrency

The adult industry entire net worth is around 97 Billion and growing over the years. Adult content websites are becoming a very lucrative space for talent to generate new avenues of revenue and there is still plenty of space to grow and expand.

Cryptocurrency has gained immense exposure over the last decade and is making an impact in todays world of finance, reaching market caps of trillions of dollars. The decentralized aspects of the blockchain allows for more liberties for projects, content creators and individuals.

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Our Values


Our community is one of our main priorities, as they are a pivotal point to our success. The voice of the community will always be heard and taken into consideration through any avenues we explore to enhance existing developments and any other future expansion in the project. “Team work makes the dream work”

Excellence & Innovation

At “NJOY (Art & Joy)” we believe in excellence and innovation. This means constantly delivering new content and multiple avenues to create new income streams for our customers and investors. We are looking to break into the adult content marketplace and revolutionize it with new products and creative content never seen before.


“NJOY (Art & Joy)” is looking at developing and delivering top quality platforms for adult content, which will create long term value and profitable returns for our content creators and investors.

Accountability & Respect

Our team will always be transparent and accountable to our community. Keeping the lines of communication always open, as well as full transparency on the development of the platforms, will always be on top of our list.


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